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Karmijn Amsterdam 1


NEZZT is a new residential concept that grows or shrinks in line with the needs of society. NEZZT creates dynamic constructions, offering you the freedom to change, relocate or even return your solution. The future of housing with endless possibilities. The solution is based on your individual aims, number of occupants, comfort levels and design...
Onderwijs overheid

Education & Government

Education never stands still. Every single day is unique. That affects not only the number of facilities needed for the total number of students enrolled, but also what kind of facilities are necessary. Dynamic education requires dynamic buildings. The versatility of De Meeuw constructions creates room for the dynamics of education.
Tante Louise Bosgaard 04


Technological and social developments in the healthcare sector are changing rapidly. Buildings and areas are constantly subjected to new requirements. De Meeuw stays up-to-date on all the latest. We focus on aspects such as hygiene, versatility, safety, comfort, technology, work conditions as well as your budget.ROOM FOR ANY KIND OF HEALTHCARE


Nothing is as dynamic as business. Changing capacities, adapting markets and client demands for innovative approaches. Business have to keep up with the changing pace. A new office space, an extra floor or even a reduction in capacity. The possibilities are endless with De Meeuw.ROOM FOR THE FUTUREImproved work processes are always a top priority...
Eon rotterdam 03

Information center

Your information center is a business card for visitors. The accommodation must provide sufficient space for all desired functions. This is how visitors come to report to collect information. You want to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic. In addition, an instruction room, any office spaces and a model or exhibition space are indispensable. DMCONSTRUCT offers...
Impressie Hotel Jansen


Just as the wishes of your guests are central to your hotel, DMCONSTRUCT offers you hotel space that meets all your wishes and requirements. The possibilities are enormous. You can opt for the (temporary) extension of extra rooms, a new wing or a complete turnkey concept whereby DMCONSTRUCT also arranges the interior design of the...
Retail CS Eindhoven

Temporary retail space

Looking for a temporary retail space because you are going to renovate? Or maybe you are urgently looking for replacement retail space after fire or water damage? DMCONSTRUCT can quickly set up a store, so you can open your store as soon as possible for customers. PLEASANT TEMPORARY SHOPPING AREA FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS For the...
Portiersloge KLM 001

Porter's lodge

DMCONSTRUCT is used to delivering porter lodges and other buildings in the short term. Our industrial production process contributes to a shortened construction time of up to 50% compared to traditional construction. This allows you to use a temporary or permanent porter's lodge much faster and the nuisance is kept to a minimum. A porter's...

Offices & Commercial spaces

Construction and industry

Mondo minerals 037

Office units for Government and Defense

ROOM TO DO BUSINESS Nothing is more frustrating than an office unit that doesn't match your company's needs. That's why DMCONSTRUCT creates room to do business with its flexible office units that fit perfectly to your business needs. Our temporary and permanent office spaces allow you to quickly solve any capacity problems - whether for...
Logistic hub schiphol 07

Site huts

DMCONSTRUCT is exactly the partner you've been looking for to help you build temporary spaces for your construction personnel. You can count on our fast deliveries and installations, straight from our available stock. The most popular solutions for construction sites are displayed above. The price will appear immediately after making your selection. Or create your...

Bank building

Are you looking for a high-quality and safe solution for housing your bank or ATM? DMCONSTRUCT's housing solutions allow you to quickly create a complete bank building. Permanent or temporary expansion, downsizing and even moving your bank building are also possible. Housing solutions for DMCONSTRUCT bank buildings are customized.
Manutan 02


Are you looking for a temporary extension of your office space? Then you've come to the right place. We deliver and install quickly; directly from stock. Above you will find the most chosen office spaces. You can also put it together yourself. You immediately know where you stand!ROOM FOR A HEALTHY WORK AND LIVING ENVIRONMENTDMCONSTRUCT...
Aegon nederland 03

Office unit

Office spaces at DMCONSTRUCT are custom-made. The specific wishes and requirements of your company are our starting point. We recommend our representative standard solutions for a shorter period. Do not be fooled by the word "standard" because the possibilities are enormous. A seamless connection to existing buildings, a detached unit, an extra floor, high or...
Schaftkeet header

Site canteen

A building site is usually brimming with employees hard at work. And all those workers need somewhere to spend their coffee and lunch breaks. A well-equipped site canteen provides just the right space for your workers. DMCONSTRUCT offers durable, modern site canteens where your staff can enjoy their coffee and lunch breaks in a relaxed...
Header directiekeet

Site offices

Are you looking for a fully customized site office? You're in the right place with DMCONSTRUCT. You can count on our fast deliveries and installations, straight from our available stock. The most popular site offices are displayed above. The price will appear immediately after making your selection. You can also choose to put together your...

Overnight accommodation

Are you looking for the perfect space for your temporary employees? Or do you need temporary lodging at another location? Then you're in the right place with DMCONSTRUCT. You can count on our fast deliveries and installations, straight from our available stock. Quickly put together your own overnight accommodation or lodging, or choose from one...
Bp rotterdam01

Explosion proof buildings

An explosive work environment carries unavoidable risks. DMCONSTRUCT enables you to guarantee the safety of your staff with an explosion-proof building. Employees who have their (office) housing in the immediate surroundings of chemical plants or refineries, for example, must be protected against the pressure waves that follow an explosion. Especially strict building requirements have been...
Tantelouise vivensis hal met bewoners

Care center

The number of older people is increasing. But there are also more and more elderly people. Partly as a result of this, the demand for care is constantly changing. However, the nursing home must remain operational seven days a week, 24 hours a day. DMCONSTRUCT builds high-quality and functional housing for the elderly, which can...
Bartimeus Ermelo 43

Nursing home

Do you change care levels or do you have difficulties with capacity due to renovation or new construction work? Whatever situation you are in, the nursing home must be operational around the clock, seven days a week. With the temporary and permanent accommodation from DMCONSTRUCT, capacity bottlenecks can be compensated quickly and easily. We create...

Small-scale living

Do you want to continue living independently despite health restrictions? The right small-scale form of living offers clients such as people with disabilities, elderly people with dementia or people with mental disorders a safe and familiar home. DMCONSTRUCT offers high-quality forms of living that meet all requirements and create an optimal balance between privacy and...
Antonius Poli Emmeloord 14

General practice center

With the temporary and permanent spaces of DMCONSTRUCT you can quickly create a General practice center that meets all wishes and requirements. Customization is standard with us. By listening carefully to your specific preferences, we create a space that is ideal for patients, doctors, nurses and support staff. The possibilities are endless, the quality is...

Informal care home

Everyone wants to live as long as possible in their own environment. Even if it becomes more difficult, for health reasons. It is therefore interesting to set up a living space in the garden or in the immediate surroundings of the informal carer. DMCONSTRUCT is realizing this faster than you might think. We provide quality...


Government & Defense


Alternating inflow and outflow, a merger or educational innovation? Education is constantly changing. DMCONSTRUCT closely follows all developments in this sector and offers high-quality, flexible and suitable spaces for the housing of your school. Our solutions fit seamlessly with changing housing requirements. DMCONSTRUCT ensures that your school building can grow with the educational organization. Permanent...

Emergency classrooms

Need the right space? No Worries!Looking for additional space to fit your school's expanding needs or as a result of a disaster? You can count on DMCONSTRUCT's fast deliveries and installations, on demand from our available stock. The most popular choices for emergency classrooms are listed below. Or create your own emergency classroom! The price...


A STIMULATING ENVIRONMENT The right space for childcare starts at DMCONSTRUCT. Easy to adapt to the number of children. Permanent expansion, temporary shrinking and even moving are possible. The children come into their own in a stimulating environment where they can play, sleep, eat and learn.SPACE FOR GOOD DEVELOPMENT DMCONSTRUCT builds and designs the nursery...
KDV Potje Knor

School care

With DMCONSTRUCT's Schoolcare box, you opt for a stimulating, sustainable and award-winning space. The Schoolcare box is a practical and temporary building that is placed next to a school, for example. Thanks to a flexible structure, you can effortlessly expand the Schoolcare, (temporarily) reduse and even move. So you can accommodate as many children as...

Community school

The right space for a community school starts at DMCONSTRUCT. Easy to adapt to the number of children. Permanent expansion, temporary shrinking and even moving are possible. The children come into their own in a stimulating environment where they can play, sleep, eat and learn.


If you are going to renovate a station, it is necessary to keep receiving travelers. It is also important to reopen the station as soon as possible in the event of emergencies such as fire or water damage. DMCONSTRUCT offers high-quality and suitable solutions for temporary station facilities, such as shops and offices. Very quickly...
Reddingsbrigade Monster 01

Rescue post

ROOM FOR A SAFE DAY AT SEADMCONSTRUCT has a removable rescue post. Lifeguards have contributed their own thoughts on the operational requirements of this rescue post. The result: a highly visible solution that has been thought out in detail. The post is easy to disassemble and store and, above all, offers optimum comfort to all...

Youth center

Looking for a pleasant meeting place where young people can come together? With the Mobile Youth Center (MYC), DMCONSTRUCT is the only provider in the Netherlands to meet this need. The MYC is an attractive investment for communities, because it is suitable to set up and expand, can be realized quickly and can be moved...
Stemlokaal 01 1

Polling place

ROOM FOR DEMOCRACY DMCONSTRUCT offers solutions that match your wishes and suit the available budget. Our building systems offer the possibility to set up a temporary facility completely flexible. A wide variety of standard types, sizes and designs give the freedom to create a custom polling station. Our polling stations are available from stock and...
Aegon nederland 04

Office units for Construction and Industry

Nothing is more annoying than an office unit that does not suit your company well. That is why DMCONSTRUCT makes space to do business with flexible office units that perfectly match your work needs. With our temporary and permanent office spaces, you can respond quickly to capacity problems, both in terms of growth and downsizing...


Residence type Studio, Studio + and Studio ++ offer housing for one person. The Studios have a flexible character and are available in different sizes, starting from a use area of ​​16 m2 and rising to 28.5 m2. In addition, it is possible to expand the studios with a separate bedroom of 9 m2.
Corporate images housing together2


Just like housing type Studio, we offer Single in three variants: Single, Single+ and SingleCare. The Single is suitable for one or two people. Single can also be adapted to housing for disabled people (SingleCare). In this type it is possible to reach the bedroom directly from the living room if the customer so wishes...


Housing type Together offers families, young couples, students and the elderly comfortable apartments and even entire houses with a freely selectable number of rooms. Together has a usable area of ​​51.2 m2, which can be expanded to 67.8 m2 (Together +) and 74 m2 (Together ++). In addition, it is possible to expand the house with a storage room.
Med Centrum Alkmaar 005 b


Housing solutions for hospitals require a practical approach. Care for your patients must be paramount. DMCONSTRUCT builds high-quality and functional hospitals or hospital spaces that can also be realized at lightning speed. Whether it is a temporary outpatient clinic or the (re)construction of a complete hospital. From a simple waiting room to intensive care, laboratory...
LH Greenport

Overnight Accomodation


Labour migrants accomodation

Are you looking for the perfect space for your temporary employees? Or do you need temporary lodging at another location? Then you're in the right place with DMCONSTRUCT. You can count on our fast deliveries and installations, straight from our available stock. Quickly put together your own overnight accommodation or lodging, or choose from one...
LH Greenport

Labour migrants hotel

Are you looking for the perfect space for your temporary employees? Or do you need temporary lodging at another location? Then you're in the right place with DMCONSTRUCT. You can count on our fast deliveries and installations, straight from our available stock. Quickly put together your own overnight accommodation or lodging, or choose from one...


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DM Construct creates room for the future

Demeeuw account handen

Urgent solutions

THE SPACE YOU NEED, FAST There are times when you need to organise a space fast - for a day, a couple of weeks or a few months. You can count on our fast deliveries and installations, straight from our available stock. With a clear overview of the rental options and costs.DM Construct quickly creates...
Architect handen final

About us

Our world is changing at a rapid pace. With all the space you need to develop as an individual and to go in search of your own personal happiness. We have access to more and more of this space in the choices we make in our private and professional lives. The world needs leaders to...


CAN WE BE OF SERVICE?Do you have a question? We're happy to help. Please enter your details and one of our specialists will contact you as soon as possible.

How we work

MARKETSDe Meeuw supplies a wide range of flexible housing solutions in four markets: Healthcare, Education, Commercial and Residential.
Innovatie algemeen


INNOVATION IN CONSTRUCTIONDe Meeuw offers custom-made solutions for all of your construction requirements. Long service life, value for money and comfort are top priorities in all of our solutions. De Meeuw is no different from conventional construction in this respect. Our key difference lies in our short development time, speed of construction, customisation options and...


INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION De Meeuw utilises pre-fabricated (industrially manufactured) components as much as possible. Industrial manufacturing means building under controlled conditions: unaffected by weather conditions, providing optimised conditioning of materials and ideal working conditions for employees. De Meeuw has chosen for an efficient and controlled production process. This ensures the quality of the components as well...
Architect handen final

Flexible construction

Buildings don't have to remain unused. We live in a dynamic world. A world of ever-changing homes, workplaces and lifestyles. A world in which we search for personal happiness and space to develop as individuals. A world in which sustainability is no longer just about materials. A world where access is more important than ownership...

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Architect handen final

Urgent huisvesting nodig? De Meeuw levert met spoed

Heeft u urgent huisvesting nodig? De Meeuw levert met spoed hoge kwaliteit units uit eigen productie op maat naar uw wensen. Urgent huisvesting Bij calamiteiten, een snelle capaciteitsuitbreiding van het bedrijf of een uitbreiding van de schoollokalen omdat er meer leerlingen bijkomen. Wat de oorzaak ook is: op korte termijn heeft u huisvesting nodig. In...
Architect handen final

Tijdelijke huisvesting van De Meeuw

Snel en tijdelijk meer ruimte nodig? Voor die tijdelijke huisvesting bent u bij De Meeuw aan het juiste adres. We leveren hoog kwalitatieve ruimtes voor het bedrijfsleven, de zorg, onderwijs en overheid en woningen. Onmiddellijk ruimte nodig? Speel razendsnel en flexibel in op capaciteitsproblemen. Een extra verdieping, een nieuwe kantoorruimte: bij De Meeuw is alle...
Architect handen final

Flexibel huisvesting inzetten

Flexibele huisvesting voor complete woningen, zorgcentra, onderwijsinstellingen en het bedrijfsleven. De Meeuw levert het compleet op maat naar uw wensen. Nu en in de toekomst. Dat is pas flexibel! Wat is een flexibele huisvesting? Een flexibele huisvesting is een huisvesting die zich aanpast aan uw situatie. Het is een gebouw dat moeiteloos inspeelt op vernieuwing...


Nieuws de meeuw verzorgt snelle uitbreiding intensivecare afdeling ziekenhuis zorg

DM Construct came quickly with a total solution for the care of corona patients

With the growth in the number of corona patients admitted to Dutch hospitals, the lack of housing is also growing. De Meeuw offers - on a rental basis - decent housing to hospitals in order to accommodate patients with the desired comfort. “Our modular housing solutions can be delivered quickly and from stock,” says director...
Nieuws Een verplaatsbare school die permanent voelt onderwijs school min

A removable school that feels like permanent

Due to Brexit, many companies from England settle in Amsterdam. As a result, the demand for education for expat children is high. The waiting lists in our capital have been long for at least ten years. In order to change that, De Meeuw placed a temporary school building for 500 students, on behalf of the...
Education & Government Education School care

Partnership between De Meeuw and Turkey ends

De Meeuw ended its partnership with De Meeuw TURKEY at the end of 2016.Due to strategic reasons, De Meeuw has chosen not to continue the work in Turkey. The sales market in Turkey differs substantially from the other markets in which De Meeuw operates. The management of both companies feel that a unified vision of...
Nieuws Nieuwe geautomatiseerde panelenlijn in gebruik genomen min

New automated panel line in use

This morning our new automated panel line has officially been put into use! This new production line allows us to produce more panels with higher accuracy. All the information needed for this comes directly from the digital drawing of work preparation. This ensures that you always work with the most current drawing, so there is...


NS Zutphen 10
Semi-Permanent Commercial Offices & Commercial spaces


NedTrain was looking for an office building in which to house its staff on the NS Zutphen marshalling yard. The client issued a call for tender in advance of the project. De Meeuw's design offered the value for money and quality that were best aligned to the client's needs, winning the tender on this basis...
Bp maasvlakte 01
Semi-Permanent Commercial Offices & Commercial spaces


Having delivered a blast-resistant building for BP in 2014, De Meeuw was asked to deliver an additional building for this client in 2015. This time, the request was for a contractor building on the Maasvlakte in Rotterdam.Complete with multiple meeting rooms and changing rooms, the office is situated as close to the plant as possible...
Med Centrum Alkmaar 017 b
Semi-Permanent Healthcare Hospitals

Alkmaar Medical Centre

DE MEEUW CREATES A SPACE FOR ALL KINDS OF OPERATIONSOn behalf of primary contractor, Interflow and partner Cyclusbouw, De Meeuw Building Systems has built a modern new operating theatre complex at Alkmaar Medical Centre (MCA). The project comprised the modular build of four operating theatres as an extension of the existing complex. More information is...
Catharina ziekenhuis 251
Semi-Permanent Healthcare Hospitals

Catharina Hospital

OUTPATIENT CLINICSThe Catharina hospital in Eindhoven was looking for an interim location for a 1,603m2 outpatient’s clinic. De Meeuw provided the hospital with this accommodation within just ten weeks. The outpatient’s clinic was built over three stories. The temporary accommodation has a sense of luxury and permanence, and has numerous consultation rooms, examination rooms and...
Hyperion lyceum 01
Temporary Education & Government Education School

Hyperion Lyceum

A SCHOOL THAT GROWS WITH ITS PUPILSNot only has this school grown with its pupils in terms of size, but it has even been relocated. Hyperion Lyceum, located in the Overhoeks neighbourhood close to the Amsterdam EYE, is an example of the possibilities De Meeuw can offer schools.In 2011, Amsterdam schools association, VOvA received approval...
Kbs de heeswijk montfoort buitengevel
Permanent Education & Government Education School

KBs De Heeswijk

VISION'To work together in a light and open building' was the vision behind the building's design.The classrooms are positioned transversally, creating a different dynamic in the space. Sliding glass walls provide views onto the central hall. The large central space has been designed as a learning environment and promotes collaboration, presenting, research and meeting-up. The...
Semi-Permanent Healthcare

De Zorggroep

CARE HOMEDe Zorggroep in Venlo has been granted additional care places on the back of De Meeuw's ability to deliver care accommodation within a short time frame. The new accommodation has now been built. Care home, De Lindelaan provides care and accommodation for 28 elderly dementia sufferers. There are four groups of seven residents living...
Tantelouise vivensis ingang
Semi-Permanent Healthcare

TanteLouise - Bergen op Zoom

THE NEW ABGThe ABG area in Bergen op Zoom is of particular historical significance to the city. For a commission from the TanteLouise-Vivensis foundation, in early 2015, De Meeuw built a temporary nursing home, which is to last for the next six to eight years. The new ABG emanates warmth and hospitality. 'Home from home'...
Portiersloge KLM 001
Temporary Commercial Offices & Commercial spaces Porter's lodge

KLM Cargo

De Meeuw has created a new, permanent porter's cabin at Schiphol airport on behalf of client, KLM Cargo.After over 30 years' use, the old unit was in need of replacing.